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Karat remembers Communists’ contribution in India’s freedom fight

October 11, 2017: Politburo member of CPIM, Prakash Karat today hailed contributions and sacrifices of Communists during India’s freedom struggle and stated that RSS had not participated in the struggle.

Speaking in a programme organized to commemorate Centenary celebration of ‘Great November Revolutrion’ at  today in Agartala, Karat stated, during the freedom struggle, Congress favoured Capitalist forces and only communists fought against the British colonialism while RSS people never participated in any movements for Independence.

Elaborating significance and relevance of November Revolution, sustained and united people’s struggle against imperialists is the only way to break the shackles and free the society from the clutches of enemies of mankind. In his speech, Karat dwelt on emerging situation in the country under BJP regime and criticized the Central Government as well as BJP and RSS. Karat also alleged, BJP and RSS are spreading hatred in Kerala and other States aiming communal polarization.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister focused on alternative governance and need for sustained struggle and said revolution in democratic manner with mass participation is essential for attaining economic freedom and workers would lead the revolution while farmers would help as a friendly force.

Talking about prevailing political situation in the State, Manik Sarkar said, BJP in tandem with IPFT has crafted a political conspiracy to disturb communal peace. He urged people to stay united and foil such plan.

A large number of CPIM workers and supporters today attended the Hall Conference, Party sources said.

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