Brahmaputra challenge for Modi’s Act East Policy

Courtesy: Office of the Addl Director General (E) (NEZ)

Pro-mass News Bureau: Oct 15, 2015:

Photo Courtesy: Tweet profile of Tarun Gagoi

Photo Courtesy: Tweet profile of Tarun Gagoi

China is reportedly moving on operationalising  hydro power station on Brahmaputra River. The reported move will have serious socio-economic as well as environmental implications.  Expressing deep concern over the reported move by China, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said that this will cause damage to Assam and other parts of the Brahmaputra basin. Sensing the gravity of the situation, the State Govt has immediately appraised the Union Govt about the situation and its likely fall out, said Gagoi. In a statement issued in Guwahati today , Gogoi said that he had urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up the matter during his China visit. But the Chief Minister said he is not sure whether the Prime Minister had taken up the issue or not.

As Brahmaputra is considered as life line of vast areas of Assam, Chinese move will have huge affect. Moreover, PM Modi’s pet policy, ‘Act East Policy’ will be seriously challenged if Chinese build hydro power station. In a tweet, Gagoi said, PM’s much vaunted Act East policy should act when it matters the most to NE, like desisting China from operationalising dam on the Brahmaputra.  He observed, the Indian Government was left unaware that China had built dams on the Brahmaputra. This clearly indicates Centre’s casual approach to the problem and associated plight of people of Assam. The Indian Govt has virtually failed to persuade China to desist from going ahead with the construction.

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