Swachhta initiative brings safe drinking water to hill people

41Ensuring safe drinking water supply to the rural people, which could give a boost to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative, appears to be a gigantic task particularly for the hilly and undulating terrain areas, like Tripura. However, that has been made possible and successful with the innovative knowledge and pertinent technological system adopted in a few almost inaccessible hamlets inhabited by mostly tribal people.

Such a scheme, for example, has been commissioned by the Drinking Water and Sanitation Department of Tripura Government at Megharambari under Hrishyamukh block in South Tripura.  The innovative drinking water scheme, costing Rs. 1.20 lakh, is located at the crossroads of Manirampur and Shibpur villages under Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC).

With the mechanical system installed there under the scheme, spring water running off from the hills is collected and sedimentation is done in higher altitude. The stored water in the tank is passed on by pipe line to slow sand filter chamber of the installed system. After filtration through the slow sand filter the water is distributed by gravitational force through different hydrant points in the hamlet.


A total of 67 tribal families living scattered in the locality could at present get access to safe drinking water. The children of Megarambari J. B School and Dhanharipara Anganwadi centre have also benefited with drinking water hydrants having been commissioned in these schools too.

Similar innovative method worked out for the Labadhanpara scheme costing Rs. 95,000 only aimed at benefitting the hill people access safe drinking water.

The scheme is located in Shibpur village under Hrishyamukh Block in South Tripura.  Under the scheme 54 scheduled tribe families, including Labadhanpara SB School, are getting access to safe drinking water.

– By Shri Subhasis K Chanda, Media & Communication Officer, PIB, Agartala

Courtesy: PIB Blog

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