PM Modi pitches for creating digital villages for rural sector development

August 25, 2017:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the prosperity of farmers is essential for the balanced development of the nation and the dream of new India can not be achieved without it. Addressing the Golden jubilee celebrations of Bhartiya Agro Industries Foundation in Pune through video conferencing yesterday, Mr Modi said the farmers, who are the Anna Data of the nation, should be free from worries and the government is working to double their income by 2022. He said the production centric and income centric approaches have been adopted in agriculture sachems to achieve the goal .

The Prime Minister said the centre is promoting organic farming and crop diversification for the betterment of farmers. Mr. Modi said the government is constantly working to reduce the input cost of agriculture to ease the burden of farmers. He said, the country has seen the green and white revolutions and time has come for the blue revolution for fishermen and sweet revolution for enhancing honey production.

The Prime Minister also pitched for creating digital villages as part of developing the rural sector and ensuring empowerment of farmers. He said, if at least 500 villages could be made less cash per year as part of realising the dream of digital villages, it will create a chain reaction spreading to thousands of villages.

Emphasizing the need for women empowerment, the Prime Minister said the women self help groups should get quality training in research and veterinary education as it will benefit the animal husbandry sector. Mr. Modi stressed the need for organizing more animal health fairs as the country is facing a loss of around 40 thousand crore rupees every year due to animal diseases.     (AIR NEWS)

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