Venkaiah Naidu condemnes Manmohan Singh’s remarks on demonetisation

ProMASS:Nov 26 2016:  Union Minister for Urban Development and Information & Broadcasting M. Venkaiah Naidu has condemned the remarks made by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on demonetisation of higher value currency notes in the country. Speaking at the inauguration of 4th National Conference of Resident Welfare Associations (NCRWA) in Visakhapatnam today, he cited several scams which cropped up during the UPA regime.Mr. Naidu said, black money is like cancer to the society and is currently being treated by the Prime Minister.

He reminded that the Prime Minister has earlier given ample time and opportunity to those having unaccounted money to be made public and convert the same into white money by paying the requisite tax by 30th September.
The Minister said, in India economic inequalities are as high as 87 per cent which is highest in Asia, while the lowest are in Japan. He said, Mr Modi is committed to make India, Swacch Bharat, pure by all means. He appealed to the people to come out clean in the aspects of tan-man-dhan, or clean body and surroundings, clean mind having good thoughts towards others without any ulterior or malafide motifs and intentions and clean money as well, which is earned by proper means and accounted for.



Courtesy:AIR NEWS

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