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Tripura: Voice against Bank merger plan

August 26, 2017: The Banking sector in the country is under tremendous pressure due to policies of the Central Government and it is right time to launch massive agitation protesting against such policies. State Finance Minister Bhanu Lal Saha stated this today in after inaugurating a two-day State Conference of employees’ Union.

“Central Government’s policy to merge and privatize Public Sector banks will bring chaos for the economy and vast section of the society will be affected. While jobs of existing bank staffs will be in stake, job opportunities will also shrink”, Saha said. Calling for a united and strong fight against policies of the Central Government, Saha alleged Modi Government is aggressively perusing and liberalization policies and as a result of such policies, common people are facing economic hardships. Explaining further he said, prices of essential commodities are going up, job market has considerably shrunk and budgetary allocations for sectors like health and education are reduced significantly.

Focusing upon prevailing political situation in Tripura, Bhanu Lal Saha said, a section of the society has hatched a plan to create disturbances and stall growth of the State. He appealed to all to remain alert against the forces which are trying to disrupt peace and growth.

All India president of the Union, Swapan Bhattacharjee and general secretary of the Union, Debashish Basu held detailed discussion on possible consequences of Central Government’s attempt to merge and privatize the PSU banks.

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