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Tripura RD Min escapes unhurt as IPFT attack CPIM rally


August 30, 2017:  RD Minister today escaped unhurt after supporters of IPFT unleashed violence on  supporters. Local sources said, supporters of IPFT (NC faction) today launched vicious attack at Jampuijala targeting the Minister Naresh Jamatia and MDC Ramendra Debbarma.

Both Jamatia and Debbarma narrowly escaped and were frisked away by security personnel. Several CPIM supporters were reportedly injured. Security in the area has been tightened and situation is stated to be normal even though tension is running high.

As part of 6-point demand, CPM today held a rally at Colony Bazar in Jampuijala subdivision. Among others, Tripura RD Minister Naresh Jamatia and MDC Ramendra Debbarma addressed the rally. After the rally, IPFT supporters started pelting stones from all around and attacked CPM supporters all on a sudden. Violent IPFT goons turned to Minister and MDC, but promptness of security personnel foiled evil plans of IPFT and took away both Jamatia and Debbarma to nearby camp for shelter. A large number of CPM supporters too took shelter in camp.

Number of wounded persons is yet to be ascertained. However unconfirmed sources stated several CPM supporters received serious injuries while many others were injured. “Sudden and quick attack from all around baffled many of us and panicked people started running towards TSR camp”, said a local resident.

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