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Tripura: Mayhem at BBM College


September 06, 2017: Violence broke out today at BBM College, Agartala as supporters ransacked Students’Council room after being prevented an entry into college premise with flags. Sources said, Police politely urged outsiders not to enter into the College campus. It is observed, a good number of ‘outsiders’ led an rally and forcefully made entry after being prevented by Police. Later ransacked the Students’ Council Room and damaged properties. supporters alleged huge numbers of sticks were stored the room.

ABVP held rally today and assembled at the College campus for filing nominations for College elections. Body language of ABVP supporters was reportedly very aggressive. Speaking to Headlines TV channel, an ABVP leader blamed for using State machinery in College Polls. The leader was speaking in fluent Hindi suggesting that BJP’s students’ wing – ABVP is importing supporters from outside the State.

Several students  of BBM College condemned presence of ‘outsiders’ in the campus. Local people also raised voice against presence of Hindi-speaking youths in the rally and alleged these Hindi speaking youths instigated violence. Sourecs said, large contingent of security personnel was deployed and situation, at present, was stated to be normal.

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