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Sushma steps in, Gopal returns from Riyadh

September 07, 2017: He thought that he would die and would never see his family … Gopal Das, a resident of Barpathari under Belonia in South Tripura went to with a rosy dream. But reality was in stark contrast and after being tortured, he was compelled to stay in garage – penniless. Even though his dream crushed under harsh reality, he considers himself lucky and the reason is simple – Gopal was rescued by Indian Embassy in and send him back to . Gopal escaped the hell safely and reunited with his family today at airport.

Gopal Das, a 38 years old person, went to Riyadh around 20 months ago and started working there. However, soon ugly face of his employer exposed as the employer started to torture him.  Moreover, employer stopped paying him monthly wages for last six months leaving him almost penniless. Last week, his employer thrown him away from his job and also evicted Das from his residential quarter. Finding himself in dire situation, Das was managed to take shelter in a garage.

Das dialed up his wife and narrated his condition. With initiatives of his wife, Das managed to send video clips to a BJP politician who forwarded the clips to the External Affairs Minister . It is well known that under Swaraj is proactive in rescuing Indians from foreign land. Incase of Gopal also acted withe promptness. Indian Officials communicated with Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia who wasted no time and rescued Das. Later, Indian Embassy arranged Gopal’s journey from Riyadh to Agartala. Within four days, after his video clips were sent to , Gopal was rescued unhurt and sent back to Agartala.

BJP State Prabhari Sunil Deodhar received Gopal at Agartala airport. Speaking to media person, Gopal Das expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Minister Sushma Swaraj and officials of MEA as well as Indian Embassy for saving his life.

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