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7th CPC in Tripura: Cong, CPIM flay State Govt


October 10, 2018: State Cabinet’s decision to implement 3-member Verma Committee report for extending benefits of 7th CPC to State Government employees and pensioners has been greeted with jubilation by a section of employees and pensioners. However, Opposition Parties – as expected – are not happy with the recommendations as it is ‘far from being the 7th CPC of Central Government’.

According to State Cabinet decision, based on Verma Committee report, multiplication factor was raised from existing 2.25 and was fixed at 2.57 accepting demands of 52 Employees Unions and 7 individuals representation on the issue. The State Unit of BJP hailed the decision which in Deputy Chief Minister cum Finance Minister’s word was a’couregeous and bold’ step.

Notably, the State Cabinet maintained silence over – at least two important issues – Arrear and base year for Notational Fixation. Cabinet was also silent over pending DA which now stands at 9 per cent.

Meanwhile, main Opposition CPIM has severely criticized and accused the BJP-led Government of ‘joking’ with people in the name of implementation of 7th  CPC in Tripura. With Daily Desher Katha – known as CPI-M’s mouthpiece – pulled down shutters after DM’s order on RNI related issues – CPI-M has started using social media.

In series of Facebook Posts, CPI-M alleged, the decision is a ‘bluff’, ‘joke’, ‘deception’ etc.

Pointing out that previous Left Front Government raised the multiplication factor to 2.25 while the BJP Govt has increased it by 0.32 totaling to 2.57, CPI-M asked as to whether it was necessary to constitute Verma Committee just to increase the multiplication factor.

CPI-M alleged, BJP-led Government has failed to keep its pre-poll promises. It said, BJP promised that salaries would be doubled and new pay structure would be effective from January 1, 2016. However, nothing like that happened – moreover, issue of paying DA has just vanished from the scene. CPIM has also raised questions on 27 allowances of 7th CPC.

Training guns, Congress too came up with almost similar logic and accused the BJP-IPFT Government of playing with employees.  Congress leaders were repeatedly pointing out to pending DA. Lashing out at BJP-led Government, Senior Congress leader Gopal Roy asked, what kind of 7th CPC is this; there is also not even a word on house  rent allowance.

Pointing to TET qualified teachers’ issue, Roy alleged, the fixed-pay employees including TET qualified teachers will be deprived as they will get only 75% of their actual initial pay even though all of them were recruited against regular and sanctioned posts.

‘This is gross exploitation of labour and discrimination; nowhere in India TET qualified teachers are appointed on fixed-pay; what this BJP-IPFT government is doing is nothing better than what the previous Left Front offered”, he argued.


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