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Inspiring story of 10 rural students of Tripura

Students of SATYARAM C.P.SCHOOL, Ambassa, Tripura
Photo : Manik Debnath

October 05, 2018: Beating all odds, a group of 10 students of Satyaram HS (+2) School – located at an obscure tribal village in Dhalai district had left for Lucknow to attend International Science Fair on October 1 last. Budding ‘scientists’ of the school –under Kathalbari Village Committee area at Ambassa in Dhalai district – have already earned accolades at state-level and national-level for their successful depiction of ‘Aadarsh Gram’ through models.

“Thanks to Cental Government Scheme – Aadarsh Samsad Gram as the MP Jitendra Choudhury selected the Kathalbari Village as Aadarsh Gram. Our students made models for ideal village and accordingly, plans were drawn for development of the village on several fronts including education and economic sectors”, said the Head of the Institution Ramba Kumar Molsom. It is quite fascinating story of imaginative capacity of young minds of an obscure village. Considering the development of Kathalbari village, it is obvious the students of Satyaram HS (+2) School played a crucial role in charting out effective plans for village development.

“These students have proved their talents in designing comprehensive plans for all round development of the village and implementing the plans prepared by the students have delivered positive results”, said one of the guides of the group Malin Datta.

Ramba Kumar Molsom said, after successfully demonstrating features of ‘Aadarsh Gram’, the school was nominated to participate in International Science Fair. Success of budding scientists of Satyaram HS (+2) School has already brought cheers to people of Ambassa and waiting for more success of these ‘scientists’.

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