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Tripura: Addicted son attempts to kill his mother

Addicted son attempts to kill his mother.
Addicted son attempts to kill his mother.

September 30, 2018: A man was arrested after he attempted to kill his mother with a sharp weapon in Udaipur under Gomati district in Tripura. The arrested son – Debashish Dey is reportedly an addict. Grievously injured mother – Malina Rani Dey (65) is fighting for her life at GB Hospital in Agartala.  The incident took place yesterday under RK Pur PS area in Udaipur.   SDPO Himadri Das said, “During interrogation, Debashish admitted his crime”.

After trying to set his mother ablaze the other night, Debashish attacked his mother with sharp weapon (locally called Dau ) and started chopping the hapless mother randomly. Alerted at her loud screams, neighbor rushed in and over powered the accused son. Bleeding profusely, Malina Rani was rushed to district hospital, and later shifted to GB Hospital in Agartala.

“On previous night, Debashish tried to kill his mother by setting her aflame – however, neighbours rushed and foiled the ill attempt – we suggested calling Police and hand over Debashish to them. However, motherly love of Malina Rani prevailed in saving his son”, said one female neighbor. “Pity, Debashish failed to honour motherly love, instead launched a dastardly attack on his mother – leaving her quivering amid pool of blood”, neighbours said.

Pointing to blood strains all over the victim’s house, one of the neighbours of Malina Rani said, “Worst kind of ill effects of addiction is at display – addiction turns a man into a nasty beast”. However, actual reasons behind such a shocking attempt remain unknown as Police has started investigation and refused to share any information.

“It may be family dispute or something else, but such a heinous crime can be committed only under influence of addiction”, Sushanta Saha – a teacher commented.

While local people are demanding exemplary punitive actions against Debashish, people are also seeking stern actions against local drug syndicate. “Addiction and drugs are spoiling young people – all out drive against this menace must continue until they are uprooted. Notably, the State Government had already launched crackdown on ganja and drug sellers pushing the contraband dealers in tight spot. “Yes, it is true that peddlers are now cornered, but they need to busted completely to save our young generations”, local people commented.


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