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Tripura: Return of the Actor, Dy Speaker ‘is’ Murshid Kuli

Agartala, January 23, 2019: Once he had strutted and freted his hours upon the stage filled with sounds and fury –and then went back to a bigger arena- to play a bigger role. It was in fact after 26 years that he revived his ‘passion’ . And the BJP stalwart and presently Deputy Speaker Biswabandhu Sen went back to his past avatar — for a while leaving his saffron uttorio – to don the highly dazzling robes of a Muslim Nwab — Murshid Kuli Khan.

Sen had an expressed passion of acting in open theatre which is popularly known as Yatrapala. He was well known for acting and love for Yatrapala before joining in politics. Now the 4 times MLA recharged his youth again by acting at Yatrapala in the age of television and internet. Sen returned with companions of his contemporary generation in the old Yatrapala ‘Devi Sultana’ composed by Bhairab Gangopadhyay.

Actor Biswabandhu Sen started his new innings at Sanskritik Mancha on the concluding day of 132 years old Pratyekroy Poush Sankranti Mela on January 19. On being impressed by first performance he got another call at Bargul Sanskritik Mela where the spectators enjoyed his acting. Sen acted in the role of Murshid Kuli Khan at Devi Sultana Yatrapala.

The play described the story of princess of a Hindu King who was arrested by Murshid Kuli Khan and turned into Devi Sultana. At present Yatrapala is on the verge of abolition at the age of entertainment by TV and Internet. The aim of Deputy Speaker is to revive the art assembling the old colleagues. The new generations who have never witness Yatrapala are waiting to know Sen’s performance out of the stage of politics. Meanwhile discussion started out of the state with love of Deputy Speaker out of politics.

In an interview at green room of Bargul stage Sen said, Left Front discouraged art and culture after coming into power in 1993. Sen started acting to revive the art in an health environment when the new government came into power. He described it as rebirth of Yatra in front of people. He appealed all to bring back the art of Yatrapala. (Tripura Times, dt 23, 2019)

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