Tripura: Terrible tale of three dogs

Angry dog
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Paritosh Paul

Agartala, May 16, 2019: It could very well be a good horror plot for Stephen King, the author of ‘Cujo’. But for the villagers in Dharmanagar outskirt under North Tripura, they are beset with a dog menace – which is real and serious.

Hungry and left uncared, three pet dogs – two males and one bitch – are attacking domesticated animals and
have become a major headache for people living in several villages in Dharmanagar. Left in the cold by the
owner, dogs are feeding on chickens and ducks – even not sparing calves and goats- at their will.
These three dogs have become a nightmare for people living at Tangibari, Dhupirband Lalchhera and Latugaon in Dharmanagar.

“We are scared of these dogs – not only for our domesticated animals, even children and kids are also not safe. These hungry are ruthless and difficult to rein in”, said a villagers of Tangibari.
Detailing about their now-daily plights, local people said that four goats and several calves had already fallen victim to these dogs and been undergoing treatment in the local veterinary hospital while menacing dogs mauled many hens and ducks.



Unable to face dog menace, villagers went to Dharmanagar Police station. On May 10 last, one of the villagers, Ranadhir Dey registered a written compliant with the local police station. Police had also inspected the area but could not trace the owner of the dog.

It is learnt, all three dogs belonged to one Abani Paul, a resident of Tangibari village.  Locals alleged, Abani and his family take no care of their pets. Abani lives at Latruimbai in Meghalaya for professional purpose, both of his daughters are married and his sons remain busy with their work. His wife who is supposed to take care of the dogs, spends most part of the day in the houses of her daughters and returns home at night – leaving the pet dogs without food.

Meanwhile, the uncompassionate and apathetic attitude of the dog owner to their pets have reached at a point where people living in three villages are feeling threatened. Local police have failed to trace the owner and warn the owner. “It is imperative that Police take proper steps for ensuring safety of people and save properties from preying hungry
dogs”, said the villagers. (Courtesy: Tripura Times)

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