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When ‘they’ pulled the wrong wires …


October 05, 2018: Entered with an eye on hefty heist, buglers had to flee empty-handed as they inadvertently pulled fire alarm system, which made huge sound and alerted local residents – such incident took place in Dharmanagar in North Tripura district in early hours of Thursday.

Thieves entered in United Bank of India branch by breaking through doors and windows. Trying to be smart, thieves wanted to pull off CCTV wires, but mistakenly they actually pulled wires for fire-alarm bells.

In the early hours of Thursday (October 4, 2018), people wake up at thundering sound of Fire alarm emitting from 1st floor of United Bank of India. Being alerted, people contacted Fire Service personnel as well as informed the Dharmanagar PS and local Power department office. As no security guard was posted, people tried to contact the Branch Manager.

All the concerned personnel rushed to the spot immediately armed with equipments. Power Department personnel shut down the power supply to the building. Fire extinguishers were ready, people waiting outside wearing a worried look – however, after a thorough search no trace of fire or smoke was found.

Later, it was found that Bank rooms were ransacked – moreover, a door with lock was found broken. It was obvious that thieves capitalized shabby doors and windows of the Bank and broke through. In an attempt to turn off CCTV, thieves inadvertently pulled fire alarm. With loud noise, thieves had no other option but to flee.

Although, thieves failed in their attempt this time, local people expressed concern over dilapidated building in which the Bank is operating and have demandd that bank authority take proper step to ensure security.

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