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Wonder, what Maa Durga’s weapons signify ? Just check ….

Durga Puja

Agartala, October 03, 2019: Despite a gloomy sky, people across Tripura are hoping for fair weather for next few days – as the State gears up to its biggest festival, Durga Puja.

as all conquering primordial feminine power holds an entire armory in her 10 arms. Interestingly, these weapons are not just to kill Mahishasur – the Demon King, in fact, each of these weapons in her omni-powerful arms symbolizes unique virtue.

Before starting pandal-hopping, let’s recall those virtues and pray to Maa to help us to nurture these virtues in our daily lives.

Trishul or Trident : Maa Durga received Trishul from her husband, Shiva. Three sharp heads of Trishul signifies Sattva (Purity), Rajas (desires) and Tamas (inertia, Dullness).

Sudarshan Chakra : It is a gift to Maa Durga from the protector of the Universe Vishnu. It symbolizes Durga (the primordial feminine power) at the center of the whole Universe and rests are revolving around the goddess.

Vajra or Thunderbolt : This gift from Indra symbolizes strong determination and firmness of character.

Shankh or Conch : The blow in the Shankh symbolizes the eternal sound of creation – AUM. It is a A gift from Varuna.

Ballam or Spear : Agni bestowed his power through this gift that signifies purity and fiery power

Kharga/Talwar or sword :  This one signifies sharp intelligence and knowledge to use sense of discrimination to overcome negativity.

Teer-Dhanush or bow-arrow : Gifted to Maa Durga by Vayu and Surya , these stands for union of power with energy.

Kuthar or Axe : Vishwakarma’s gift symbolizes power both to destroy and create.

Lotus : Received from Brahma, this one connotes awakening of spiritual consciousness that helps in detachment oneself from worldliness and attain Moksha – liberation. The message is, like Lotus stay clean of slushy place where it flourishes in.

Abhoy Mudra/ Snake : The blessings from Maa Durga bestow on all the creatures of the Universe. Instead of Abhoy Mudra, Maa Durga is often depicted with a snake in her tenth hand. This symbolizes an upward journey of consciousness from lower level to higher state of existence full of bliss.

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