Bangladesh violence: ISKCON in Tripura demands justice, protection, rehabilitation of Hindu victims

Agartala, Oct 23, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

ISKCON devotees hit streets in Agartala on Saturday condemning the recent atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh. Demanding justice for victims, protection and rehabilitation of affected minority Hindus, ISKCON devotees held a rally and submitted a deputation to the Assistant High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Agartala today.  


Narrating the incident that rocked the entire world and drew huge condemnation, president of ISKCON, Agartala, Sridham Govinda Das said, “The whole world has witnessed a massive violence against the Hindus of Bangladesh since last more than a week. Many Durga puja pandals, ISKCON temple at Noakhali, houses and shops of Hindus and many of their assets have been vandalized. Moreover, few devotees of ISKCON have been killed brutally and many of them are still missing. Hundreds of Hindus have been injured in the violence. Sporadic incidences are happening throughout Bangladesh”.  


Protesting the ‘series of horrible violent’ attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, Das demanded justice, protection and rehabilitation of the victim Hindu families.


In the deputation he mentioned, “We want justice. Those responsible for the recent violence must be held accountable through proper investigation and shall be punished as law of the Bangladesh at an earliest. Secondly, we demand protection for all minorities of Bangladesh. We call on the Government of Bangladesh to ensure safety of all religious minorities in Bangladesh. Besides, we are also demanding proper rehabilitation of the affected families and govemrnent support to rebuild their houses, temples etc. “.


The president of ISKCON, Agartala appealed to the Government of Bangladesh to look into the three-point charter of demand and take appropriate steps to restore the peace and maintain communal harmony in Bangladesh.