Focus on ousting BJP: Cong seeks LF support in Tripura

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Agartala, Sep 21, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura-Congress-CPI-M-Sudip-szaritaCongress and CPI-M share common ideology on several issues like Democracy and secularism. It is important the Leftists extend their support to Congress in its battle to dislodge the ruling BJP from power, said lone Congress MLA of Tripura Sudip Roy Barman.


Tripura Pradesh Congress leaders continue to seek support of the Opposition especially the CPI-M in Tripura to oust the ruling BJP in upcoming Assembly Polls in 2023.


Sudip Roy Barman urged the Leftists to make Congress stronger and lend support in its battle to oust BJP from power.


Upholding necessity of other party’s support, Roy Barman said fights between the opposition parties would split the anti-BJP votes which may pave way for BJP candidates’ victory.


“It is important to ensure that anti-BJP votes do not split – otherwise, BJP would get an advantage”, Roy Barman said.


enewstime-Tripura-Congress-CPI-M-Sudip-szaritaThe entire country is riddling with an unemployment crisis, a government extending benefits to Adani-Advanis but is reluctant to waive loans to farmers – in such a situation Congress can provide relief, Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman said.


Roybarman was speaking at a public rally at Sonamura on Wednesday. He said, “It would be impossible to defeat BJP in case vote splits. CPM and other parties should extend help to strengthen Congress and remove the BJP from power”.


Apart from many other reasons, according to the Congress MLA, ousting BJP is necessary to save the young generations from the clutches of drugs and addiction.


He explained and said, “BJP initiated Nesha Mukt Tripura Abhiyan – however, in reality, the State has become Nesha Jukt Tripura under the saffron rule”.


Roy Barman continued and said, “Young people are the worst sufferers. It is important to save the youths – for this, punitive actions against drug mafias are needed. A change in the government is necessary for the sake of young generations of the State and country”.


Among others, PCC Chief Birajit Sinha, ex-MLA Asish Saha, and central leaders of the party Dr Ajoy Kumar and Szarita Laitphlang were present in the programme.


According to party sources, total 3222 voters of 636 families joined Congress.