Har Ghar Dastak: Gomati makes impressive progress

Agartala, Dec 03, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Har Ghar Dastak campaign has led to an impressive improvement in Covid Vax coverage in Gomati District in Tripura. Villagers of the remote areas of the District have been brought under the ambit of the vaccination under the campaign.  


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Har Ghar Dastak campaign on November 3 last. The campaign aims at knocking every door to inoculate Covid vaccine to each eligible beneficiary. 


Har-Ghar-Dastak-Tripura-GomatiIn a press statement, Gomati District CMO Dr Niru Mohan Jamatia said, 94 percent of the population in Gomati district received the first dose leaving 6 percent unvaccinated. In contrast, only 58 percent, who had received the 1st dose, could get the second jab and 42 percent remained unvaccinated.


With the launching of Har Ghar Dastak campaign, spectacular improvements have been registered in the inoculation drive, especially for the 2nd dose where a whopping 81 percent of the overdue beneficiaries were administered the 2nd jibe and a 3 percent improvement recorded in administering the 1st dose till November 30 last.


Amongst these areas, Killa PHC has been able to improve by 24% for the first dose of vaccination. The overdue of the second dose of Covid vaccination was also a matter of concern for the District.


The record shows, the District had already achieved 94% vaccination, as on the 2nd November but it was still bearing the burden of 6% due to giving the first shot of covid vaccine.


Amongst all Health Institutions areas, Killa, Ompi, Twaidu and Karbook CHC, found to be the most challenging areas, altogether were the largest numbers of unvaccinated people.


On the 2nd dose of Vaccination, the District had to face 42% overdue where people had taken the first dose but didn’t take the 2nd shot. Total more than 97 thousand such persons have been identified who did not take the 2nd dose of vaccines as on 2nd November of the current year.


The intervention through the campaign is also giving the result in 2nd Dose as well reducing the gap in overdue tremendously. In the last one month of the campaign, Gomati District has recorded an overall 81% improvement whereas Killa PHC has registered 99% improvement, Kakraban and Tripura Sundari Sub Divisional Hospital both have recorded 92% and 88% improvement respectively.


During the Har Ghar Dastak campaign, Raval H Kumar, DM & Collector is taking daily reviews of the progress and promptly coordinating with blocks and field functionaries to sort out the issues. DM & Collector of Gomati District has also attached one Deputy Collector for round the clock coordination.


The strategies involving Local NGO, PRI Bodies, administration and judicious health staff mobilization, special drive in urban areas, daily close monitoring, support from the State Government and most importantly logistic supports to ground level health workers and volunteers to knock every door for vaccination have worked together which are helping the District to mark a tremendous progress during Har Ghar Dastak Campaign.


Six staff have been shifted from Maharani PHC to Killa PHC areas to vaccinate the villagers, said Dr. Niru Mohan Jamatia, Chief Medical Officer, Gomati District. The campaign’s activities will be continued in the District for the fifteen days to vaccinate all citizens of the District.