Journey towards self reliance through fish culture

Agartala, Dec 02, 2021, ENEWSTIME Desk

Suman Das

Hard work blended with dedication is the main key to his success we are talking about Krishna Kamal Debnath, son of Debabrata Debnath and a resident of Hadra Gram Panchayat under Tepania R.D Block, Udaipur, Gomati district. He is an educated youth hailing from a poor family. For his living, he is working as a Mason.

Under the guidance of the fishery department and by the influence of social media he has started the culture of Koi, Singhi etc fish in his household backyard by using polythene lining in tanks constructed with bricks without any cement plastering. The system of fish culture he has started is known as the bottom clean system. Mr. Debnath started Koi and Sinhgi culture in five water tanks three months back.

Each tank has a capacity of 24000 ltr. (approx.) water-holding, he had stocked Koi (Vietnam Variety) and Singhi during the first week of September 2020. He has purchased seeds from local areas of Udaipur and is feeding the fish twice a day using32-35% protein feed of CP Company. He is not using any kind of flock or FCO in his tanks. He is also not providing any aeration in the tanks but changing water and cleaning the tanks after six days intervals. Every day focal matter and residual feed from the tank bottom are being removed through outlets to maintain ammonia concentration.

After two and half months of culture by following this method of fish culture, he has observed very good growth in fishes weighing from 35-454 gm (in the case of Koi) and 25-30 gm approx. (in the case of Singhi). Till now he has sold 15 kg of Koi at Rs. 410/- per kg. At present 60-65 kg, fishes are available in each tank in good and healthy condition. Due to financial constraints, he was not being able to extend his activities mainly to upgrade the ordinary storage tanks to cemented storage tanks, for which KCC proposal has been initiated to help him in this regard and Its. 50,000/- KCC loan has been given from Punjab National Bank to uplift bottom clean culture through Fishery department.