Statehood Day: Manik Sarkar fumes over PM's praise for Tripura Kings

Agartala, Jan 24, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Opposition leader of Tripura and CPM Politburo member, Manik Sarkar on Monday took strong exception to the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the Tripura Kings’ in his Statehood Day speech on January 21 last and said the points the Prime minister referred to were not ‘factual’.

Addressing a press meet in Agartala on Monday, Sarkar sought to debunk Modi's address and said, "PM Modi in his short address did not mention the role of general people of the state for Tripura's statehood. PM Modi simply tried to eulogize the King's rule in this connection which is distortion of the history."

"With a very political intention, the Prime Minister in his address tried to bring the King's rule forefront relating to the state's recognition," Sarkar added.

Manik-Sarkar-CPIM-TripuraSarkar also took a dig at the statement of Union Home Minister Amit Shah during Statehood Day celebration and said, "Even Amit Shah was on line with PM Modi's statement to discredit the role of people's movement in state's recognition. This is nothing but an insult to the mass movement of the general people and a distortion of history."

Sarkar continued to criticize Amit Shah's statement and said that the RSS backed BJP government at the centre and state had been accusing the Communist party of not carrying out any development of state.


 "Amit Shah said that the communist party in Tripura had no role over state's development. In this case I want to let the people of this state and the country know that starting from education, health and agriculture, and connectivity, every sector was developed during the Left's rule in Tripura. How could the BJP take the credit out of that and blame the Communist party?," Sarkar said.

He said, "While unveiling the BJP's Lakshya 2047 document on January 21, Shah had discredited the Communist party in Tripura. The BJP government had been misguiding the people of this state and especially the youths in the name of development of state."

"Without fulfilling the promises made in the Vision Document prior the 2018 assembly election, the BJP government had unveiled their 'Lakshya 2047'. Who gave them the responsibility for another 25 years?," Sarkar said.