Training on Auto driving to usher new earning opportunities for women

Agartala, Jan 24, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

The Urban Development Department of Tripura has launched a pilot project for imparting Skill Training on Auto Driving among 52 women of the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) area.


In a programme held the AMC, Urban Development Minister Santana Chakma in presence of AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder and other dignitaries formally launched the programme on Monday. The pilot project will be carried out under the DAY-NULM scheme.


AMC-Women-Empowerment-TripuraThe Training programme aims at empowering women both socially and economically. The programme will help women to enter into hitherto male-oriented Auto driving sector ensuring steps for eradicating social inequalities.


Speaking on the occasion, Santana Chakma exuded confidence that the pilot project would enable the women in attaining self-sufficiency. “This is probably the first of its kind initiative in the State that will open doors for women in earning a livelihood through auto driving. The beneficiaries of this initiative must grab the opportunities and stride forward towards Atma Nirbhar”, the Minister said.


Lauding the project, AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder said, domestic violence and social inequalities will come down drastically if the women become empowered. Increased participation of women in livelihood activities will help to achieve the goal of gender-equality.


Echoing the confidence of Chakma, the Mayor said, “Women are successfully performing different jobs. We have employed women work force in collecting garbage from households which they are doing efficiently. Women have the power to accomplish jobs in a perfect manner – and after successful completion of Auto Driving training, the women will get assistances for licenses, loans etc.”.


The auto driving is absolutely dominated by male with no female participation. The Skill Training will help to improve the skewed earning avenue in favour of women.


Of late, Tripura is witnessing a noticeable shift in the mindset of people, especially among the women folk. Young women hit streets demanding jobs in TSR recently which could never be in mind earlier. There is also marked increase in women run SHGs in the State. With opening of Auto driving sector for women, it is expected that many more women would come forward to seize the earning opportunities in hitherto unexplored sectors.