Tripura by elections on June 23 Last minute preparation for a smooth and fair polls in peak

Agartala, Jun 22, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

With the by-election in four Assembly Constituencies in Tripura is slated to be held on Thursday (June 23), polling staff, micro-observers and paramilitary forces left for the polling stations on Wednesday. 


Polling staffs are making all the preparations for the polls to ensure smooth polling. 


There are 221 polling stations. Paramilitary forces will be in charge of security at all polling stations. This was stated by the Chief Officer of Tripura Election Commission Kiran Gitte at a press conference at the conference hall of the West District Magistrate's Office on Wednesday.


He said drinking water, electricity and all arrangements have been made for the voters in the polling stations. 


As voting is taking place in June, special attention has been paid to the weather so that the voters can have restrooms and stay in the restrooms in case of rains. 


Besides, arrangements have been made for the management of electricity. 


He said that the voting would be completed smoothly. Citizens should fall prey to anyone's temptation. And everyone will be able to vote freely without fear. 


He said if any voter has any problem, he can contact through the helpline number. 


Voting on the postal ballot has already been completed. 


The total number of voters in the four assembly constituencies of the state is 1 lakh 89 thousand 32 people. 


Chief Electoral Officer Kiran Gitte reiterated the assurance that special attention would be paid to ensure that voters do not face any problem.


He added that so far 15-16 complaints have been received from different political parties. 


And they are taken very seriously by returning officers and police officers. 

Action is being taken on the complaint. Police and TSR personnel, including 25 companies of paramilitary forces, will be on duty in the state on the Election Day. 


The paramilitary force are present in all the four assembly constituencies since June 9. 


At present law and order is in good condition. The situation will also be closely monitored on Election Day for smooth, peaceful and fair voting.


Especially in Agartala city, 10 companies of paramilitary forces will be in charge on the Election Day. 


Among them seven companies will be the company paramilitary force in charge of the polling station.


The remaining 3 companies will be paramilitary forces operating outside the polling station. The remaining 15 companies, paramilitary forces and police and TSR personnel will be on duty at Surma and Yuvraj Nagar assembly constituencies. Kiran Gitte said that a sufficient number of paramilitary forces are already in charge of the election.