Tripura: Mob thrashes bike lifter, gheraoes police outpost

Enewstime News Images

Agartala, Sep 11, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura-Mob-Bike-lifterUnruly and chaotic situation prevailed near Ramnagar Police Outpost in Agartala after a mob attacked an alleged bike lifter who was under Police custody. Moreover, the angry men and women started creating pressure on the Police to hand over the bike lifter to them.  


 “We identified and nabbed the bike lifter. We want the Police to hand over the thief to us as there were two more thieves involved in stealing the bike of Billal Mia of Bitterbon on September 8 last and we will make sure that he reveals name of his accomplices”, an agitating woman said.


According to details, three thieves stole a bike from the house of one Billal Mia from the Bitterbon area on September 8 last.  As the bike lifter remained untaced, local people of Bitterbon took the initiative to solve the theft.  There were CCTVs installed and locals checked the CCTV footage. After a thorough checking, they managed to identify one of the thieves. It was reported there were three thieves.


The identified thief, Sudip Shil, reportedly, was a tenant at Bitterbon sometimes ago. After identification, people picked him up from Narsingarh area in Agartala and handed him over to Narshingarh outpost from where Sudip Shil was sent to Ramnagar outpost under Police custody.


enewstime-Tripura-Mob-Bike-lifterAs the Police van neared to Ramnagar outpost, a mob from the Bitterbon area attacked the police van and started beating Sudip Shil. Sudden mob attack left the police helpless for the time being and Police had a tough time bringing the thief to the outpost.


Angry people did not leave the van and surrounded the Police outpost and put pressure on Police to hand over the bike lifter to them.


Later Police brought the situation under control and sent the injured bike lifter to Hospital for treatment.


Speaking to the media, Police officer urged people to cooperate with the police. “we appeal to all not to take law into their own hands – dial 112 or Police Control to inform about any trouble. Police are active and working to ensure public safety”, a Police officer of Ram Nagar Outpost commented.