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Tripura News: Manik Sarkar Blames BJP for Economic Distress, Urges Support for INDIA bloc

The former Chief Minister of Tripura and CPIM Politburo leader Manik Sarkar held an election rally at Kadamtala Bazar in North Tripura district on Wednesday. He addressed the rally in support of CPIM nominated INDIA bloc candidate Rajendra Reang.

In his almost hour long speech, Manik Sarkar criticized the ruling BJP on multiple socio-economic and political issues.

He alleged democratic institutions especially the Indian Constitution are under attack. Sarkar also blamed the ruling party for spoiling the secular fabric of the country.

He also alleged, that if the BJP-led alliance managed to return to power, there is a possibility the BJP would change the Indian Constitution.  

“In view of the imminent threat to democracy, the Indian Constitution and secularism, it is important to rally behind the INDIA Bloc and ensure the defeat of the BJP”, Sarkar emphasized.

The CPIM Politburo member also talked about the prevailing economic situation in the country. Blaming the ruling BJP, he claimed the unemployment rate in the country is at a record high level since independence. Besides, common people are burdened with rising prices including prices of essential goods and fuel.

He criticized the Government for allegedly ignoring the plight of the people and their ‘failures’ in addressing common men’s problems.  

“Unemployment along with price rise has put people in great distress and social sectors like health and education are also affected. This has to be stopped and people will have to ensure the defeat of the saffron party”, Sarkar said.  

He also alleged farmers and the agricultural sector are the worst sufferers due to the BJP’s policies. Sarkar referred to the farmers’ agitation countrywide which, according to him, reflected resentment among the people.  

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