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Tripura News: PM guarantees more 3 cr houses, free ration, Healthcare for Elderly nationwide in Agartala rally

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Agartala on Wednesday to address an election rally at Swami Vivekananda Maidan.

Despite the scorching heat and humidity, crowds began assembling at the ground well before the PM's arrival.

By the time PM Modi took the podium, the crowds had swelled further and cheered him enthusiastically.

Addressing the gathering, PM Modi energized the crowd ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. 

With unwavering zeal, PM Modi unveiled his vision for the North East, promising growth mentioned in BJP’s Sankalp Patra. 

Stressing the region's pivotal role in the nation's fabric, PM Modi reaffirmed his commitment to uplift the North East, striking a chord with the people of Tripura.

PM Modi extended his heartfelt greetings on the holy festival of Ram Navami. Amidst thunderous cheering, he said, “Five centuries later, Ram Navami arrives with Shri Ram seated in Ayodhya's grand temple. From a humble tent to this majestic abode, his blessings by the sun's rays mark a historic moment.”

He added, “Here in the sacred North East, where sunlight first touches, we witness this symbolic dawn of a new era. As the sun's rays illuminate, so does the resolve for a developed Tripura and a developed Bharat, propelling the nation forward on this auspicious day."

Regarding governance in Tripura, PM Modi commented, “Communist governance brought destruction rather than progress. Today, the government in Delhi prioritizes the North East and Tripura. Beyond politics, these region is about love and priority for me.”

Taking a jibe at the opposition, PM Modi dubbed the Congress and Communists as 'opportunistic' and said, "In Tripura they have an alliance, but in Kerala, they are enemies of each other."

He also shared glimpse of party's vision for development. PM Modi said, BJP vows to build 3 crore new houses nationwide in 5 years, benefiting Tripura as well.

"The party's Sankalp Patra for the next 5 years promises prosperity. Free ration for all beneficiaries will continue guaranteed by Modi. Additionally, every elderly person above 70 will receive free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Yojana, a significant announcement in BJP's Sankalp Patra", he asserted.

PM Modi concluded by affirming that, “Every vote for BJP will strengthen Modi's guarantee for the prosperity of Tripura.” He thanked everyone in the crowd for their valuable presence.

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