Unemployment, Price rise: Tripura unit of TMC to hold Raj Bhawan Abhiyan on Aug 29

Agartala, Aug 09, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura-Youth-TMC-Raj-BhawanTripura Pradesh Youth Trinamool Congress (TMC), after formation of its State level Committee, announced that it would conduct a Raj Bhawan Abhiyan in Agartala on August 29 next protesting against unemployment and price rise.


In presence of TMC RS MP Sushmita Dev, Tripura Youth TMC president Santanu Saha said unemployment is biggest issue prevailing in Tripura and alleged BJP had failed to solve the problem. Saha also mentioned rapid spike in prices of petro goods and essential commodities.


In view of twin burning issues Youth TMC supporters will hit the street and held a Raj Bhawan Abhiyan on August 29 next, Saha told the media while addressing a press meet in Agartala on Tuesday (Aug 9).


Saha also said several protest rallies would be held across the State from August 12 next in the run up to the Aug 29 Raj Bhawan Abhiyan.


enewstime-Tripura-Youth-TMC-Raj-BhawanEarlier Sushmita Dev informed the media that the first meeting of the Youth TMC was held today in an extended form. During the meeting future programmes were discussed and planned. The State Youth TMC decided to raise the burning issues of the youth and stand by the side of youth of the State.


Sushmita Dev dubbed BJP as anti-poor and slammed for its 'failure' in tackling the economic problems like inflation, falling value of Rupee against Dollar etc.


Apart from unemployment, the TMC MP pointed out price rise as well as inflation is ruining the prospect of people of the country including Tripura and putting people under serious financial crisis.


Referring to recently concluded Parliament session, Dev lamented even as the prices of commodities are sky rocketing and inflation is upward, the ruling government was in no mood to listen to the opposition and act upon it.


Dev held the government responsible for price rise and alleged imposition of GST on various food items is pushing up the prices. According to her, government has utterly failed in curbing inflation as well.