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Narendra Modi portrayed himself as a Vikas Purush intended to focus on development of the society. As Indian people were struggling with high inflation, corruption, sluggishness and indecisiveness of UPA-II, he radiated a positive energy bundled with confidence and passion that was missing amongst Indian leaders for quite some times. Despite provocation, Modi managed to shed his pro-Hindu image and created an all round euphoria about development and prosperity. Interestingly, like Modi, incumbent USA President Barak Obama too cast magic spells and won hearts of millions. Critics observed Modi has a striking resemblance with Barak Obama as far as style of garnering people’s support is concerned.  Both of them cultivated seeds of hope among the people amidst prolonged despair. People supported Obama and Modi overwhelmingly. But Obama faltered in fulfilling people’s faith and aspiration. Feeling betrayal, People are now saying, “No, he cann’t” about Obama who once told his supporters “Yes we can”. Modi too is in danger of facing similar situation unless he lives up to towering expectations he created among his supporters. In fact, Modi’s task is more difficult as his supporters consist of diverse interest groups than that of Obama.

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