Modi 3

The reasons behind his ability in taking supporters along with him are many folds. Inflation, a burning issue during UPA-II, has dramatically come down to below 5% from above 10% level. People of all walks of life are least bothered about cause of reduced inflation. Both common people and business communities are happy to note that inflation has shrunk. If this happiness there a prelude to Modi’s Aache Din, more in store for common people, like slashing petrol, diesel prices from time to time. Re-launching of several welfare schemes by Modi Sarkar, like Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan etc. initiated during UPA_II regime with much fanfare has injected vigor among the people.

During Modi’s LS Poll campaign, slogans like Ab ki Bar Modi Sarkar and aache din caught the imagination of millions of voters across the country. Shedding the face of Hindutva, BJP under Modi heavily talked about development. Notably, since LS Poll campaign, Narendra Modi radiated an energy which was missing amongst the Indian leaders for quite some times. People of India, frustrated with high inflation, price rise, corruption,  sluggishness and indecisiveness of the UPA-II   positively responded to Modi’s call and voted for BJP overwhelmingly cutting fences of caste, religion and region. Modi’s dynamic style and immaculate tech-dependent campaign crushed the opposition ruthlessly. The result is significant. Narendra Modi propelled BJP to power with huge absolute majority. Thus India’s tryst with coalition politics that re-started since 1990’s, ended after almost 30 years. One of most profound impacts of BJP’s emergence under Modi is that Narendra Modi has ushered a new dawn by transforming India from a multi-party governance system to single party majority. In papers, it is NDA alliance, not BJP alone in power. But in reality, it is not even BJP; actually Prime Minister Modi is calling all the shots reducing senior leaders of BJP and the alliance partners to mere spectators. Huge majority in Lok Sabha has literally given PM Modi a sharp edge to surge ahead with his own vision and agenda. Numerical strength of BJP in Lok Sabha has also asserted that Modi-led Government is capable to overcome indecisiveness that bogged down the previous Government.

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