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Tripura Today: Bulbul triggered rain affects croplands


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, November 10, 2019: Even as is not in direct path of Cyclone Bulbul, the storm is likely to affect croplands of the State. Untimely rain due to Bulbul has ruined and cultivation for this year. The rain will affect and vegetable production.

As it is the time of harvesting Aman Paddy, Bulbul triggered rain will cause damage and loss of paddy – however, total loss is likely to be minimal. Besides, lentil and mustard cultivation this year will not be possible due to untimely rain. Vegetable growers will also face severe losses. However, all are not gloom for farmers, rainfall is likely usher good effects for those who cultivated Aman late.

Commenting on impact of Bulbul triggered rainfall, sources in department said, “In most of the areas, farmers have either started harvesting or preparing for harvesting Aman Paddy. Rain will inflict damage and farmers will face crop losses”. However, as intensity of downpour is less, quantum of loss is well expected to be minimum, sources said.

“We have just started harvesting our Aman Paddy and as usual we dumped paddy after harvesting on the cropland – rain will cause scattering of paddy and we will face loss quantity wise”, an Amon cultivator said. Even as farmers who planned for delayed harvesting will face loss as rain will destroy the crop.

Farmers who delayed in planting seeds, however, will not be affected. “In fact rain may boost up production in case of delayed cultivation of Aman Paddy. Pity that area under delayed Aman Paddy cultivation is very small – whereas paddy is being cultivated in 1.5 lakh ha land, delayed cultivation is taken out in only 20-25 thousand ha”, sources said.

Similar grim situation is looming large over the vegetable growers – particularly those who planted seeds 10-15 days ago. “There is high probability that such vegetable will get fungal infection and may be affected by Root Rot disease – ultimately plants will die”, Agri-officials opined. Vegetable growers may consult local agriculture offices and use prescribed pesticide to save the plants. Quantum of loss in paddy and vegetable will depend on duration of rain.

However, lentil and mustard cultivation will be hard hit by Bulbul triggered rain. “Mid of November is the optimum time for throwing lentil seeds in Tripura –this could be extended upto November 30. Dry cropland is required for lentil cultivation and Bulbul has surely damaged the crop land rendering lentil cultivation impossible”, Agriculture department sources commented. Experience showed that lentil cultivated after November yields low or even nil lentil production. Lentil is cultivated in 15000 ha land in the State – however, rain has spoiled the opportunity this year.

Rain due to has also rule out possibility of mustard cultivation due to mid-November criteria. It is obvious that rainfall has cast maximum negative impact on lentil and mustard cultivation as dry cropland is required for cultivation of these crops.

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