Tripura: NC-led IPFT to hold demo in Delhi, but Mever's group set to merge with Tipra Motha

Agartala, Jun 25, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura-NC-led-IPFT-DelhiInner party squabbles in IPFT, a regional party of Tripura and an ally of ruling coalition in the State, came to fore on Saturday, once again.

While the NC Debbarma led faction of the IPFT was chalking out programmes for Delhi Abhiyan with its core demand of separate Tipra land, its rival group owing allegiance to Mever Kumar Jamatia announced that all the units of Jamatia-led faction would merge with another regional party – Tipra Motha.

NC Debbarma led faction of IPFT held a Special Executive Committee meeting in Agartala on Saturday.

The veteran leader, Debbarma, said IPFT is committed to the cause of its core demand – Tipra Land and will hold Delhi Abhiyan on August 23 next in support of the demand.

He reiterated IPFT is in the ruling coalition, but the party did not stay back from conducting its struggle in support of its demand and welfare of the people. He, however, remained non-committal about the coalition in upcoming Assembly Polls and said things would be sorted out at that time.


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Referring to their struggle for separate Tipra land, NC Debbarma said, the formation of a new state takes time. He cited the example of Telangana which was created after a prolonged struggle and said our's movement is only decades old – and we are committed to carrying forward our movement.


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Commenting on Mever Kumar Jamatia, the IPFT supremo said, Jamatia is still with IPFT and an IPFT MLA. If he joins another party, he would come under the purview of the Anti-defection Act.   


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After the meeting, four leaders of the tribal movement, Aghor Debbarma, former MDC Krishnamohan Jamatia, Jaku Debbarma and Ramen Reang joined the NC-led IPFT team today.


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In another development, leader of Mever Kumar Jamatia-led group, Satya Ranjan Tripura told the media that Mever-led group of the IPFT will merge with Tipra Motha. To this end, they will conduct a programme on July 2 before the merger, Satya Ranjan said.