Mass joining programme of Tripura Pradesh Congress raises many an eye brow

Agartala, Aug 07, 2022, ENEWSTIME Desk

Tripura Pradesh Congress organized a joining programme in Agartala on Sunday. According to party sources, over 2500 voters from different areas in West district switched over to Congress quitting other parties like CPM, Trinamool etc.


enewstime-Tripura-Pradesh-Congress-Birjit-SudipEven as Congress successfully wooed Trinamool Congress Tripura Pradesh general secretary Baptu Chakraborty, some sorts of uneasiness was palpable among the supporters which became more pronounced with the absence of TPCC president Birjit Sinha and his loyalists.  Party sources argued, Sinha was busy with the day-long strike called by Congress in Unakoti, Dhalai and North Tripura district on multiple issues on Monday (August 8).


Veteran Congress leader Gopal Roy, MLA Sudip Roy Barman and other Congress leaders in presence of AICC general secretary Szarita Laitphlang rained verbal salvos at BJP, however, welcoming the turncoat Baptu Chakraborty – who was expelled by Birjit Sinha from Congress and who is believed to be brought back into Congress fold by Sudip Roy Barman- appear to be an early indication of inner party infighting.


Baptu Chakraborty fought in Urban Local Body polls on Trinamool Congress, but he miserably failed to make any mark. Despite his dismal show, Chakraborty was made one of the five General secretary of Tripura unit of TMC.


“Return of Baptu into Congress may snowball into a major issue and may trigger fierce infighting”, one of the veteran Congress leaders said on condition of anonymity.  


While absence of Birjit Sinha is cited as an indication, another group of leaders accused Sinha of playing Zonal politics – which became obvious after he gave a call for a day-long strike in only three districts on August 8.  While absence of Sinha in today’s joining meeting was a point to notice, non-participation of Congress leaders in campaigning for the strike was also equally significant to suggest an existence of rival factions in the party.


Nevertheless, it appears today's joing programme more reasons to be concerned rather than to be jubilent.